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Bettie Biehn, CPRW, is a career human resources (HR) and not-for-profit professional with extensive experience in directing organizations and their HR activities. Her passion is helping individuals find the job/career/workplace that best suits their work style, personality, and values, and appreciates and utilizes their skills and experience. Bettie launched Career Change Central in 2004 to provide the framework for helping clients recognize and pursue their career dreams.

Bettie’s experience in a variety of employment sectors, and as a senior manager, HR director and job seeker, gives her a variety of unique perspectives that prove advantageous to her clients. Looking at resume writing from different viewpoints provides a better, more balanced approach to this most important effort.

At Career Change Central, every service is tailored to the client’s background, career vision, skills, experience, and industry. Each client product – resume, cover letter, or coaching session – builds on this individualized approach, and is geared to maximize and reflect the client’s best strengths. Bettie’s rapport with her clients, combined with her research, analysis and writing skills, provide a solid foundation for excellent client products.

Bettie’s clients range from an airplane mechanic to a hotel hospitality director, from a sales and marketing expert to a senior meeting planner, and from a corporate financial merger director to senior Federal government managers. Her clients receive quality products that reflect their best professional selves, and these products remain vital and fresh, ready for any future adjustments.

Bettie is certified through The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. She crafted a monthly column and feature articles for the award-winning NACS Magazine on key HR issues such as succession planning, employee retention, and age discrimination. She also contributed a monthly “resume tips” column to national executive recruiter Dick Wray & Associates’ electronic newsletter. Bettie has been featured in a Washington Post article on student resumes, and a number of her cover letters are included as samples in Teena Rose’s latest edition of Designing a Cover Letter To WOW Hiring Personnel

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